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    • Verrucae (warts) are harmless and usually self limiting viral infections of the skin and 80% of them will clear up on their own without treatment, usually within 18 – 24 months.


    • The vast majority of warts on the feet are pain free and for this reason they are best left alone to run their course. The wart can be gently rubbed flush with the surrounding skin using a pumice stone (this should be used only by the person with the wart/s) once or twice a week.


  • For this reason warts should always be left for at least 18 months to self-clear before any sort of treatment is considered. This is an important factor where the treatment of children is concerned.

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  • History Taking
  • Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • A treatment based on these
radio surgery

  • Radiosurgery works by using a radiofrequency wave applied through a wire surgical electrode. This cuts cleanly through tissue so that a wart may be cut around and lifted out without the scar tissue which so often occurs with wounds caused by manual cutting.

  • Radiosurgery involves a local anaesthetic beforehand and a typical procedure lasts about 40 minutes. Healing of the site may take 2 – 4 weeks and about 3 or 4 re-dressing appointments are normal.

  • T here are a number of other wart treatments involving the application of chemicals (usually acids) to the wart site. Your podiatrist will advise on the options available.

  • All warts are assessed and a recommendation of the most appropriate treatment is made AT NO CHARGE TO THE PATIENT.

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Verrucae (warts) are harmless and usually self limiting viral infections of the skin and 80% of them will clear up […]

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