Opening Hours : Devon Square Podiatry is Open

Chiropody Solution

  • Regular nail care programmes can be arranged.
  • Corns and calluses can be painlessly removed
  • In-growing nails can be treated conservatively with trimming and packing; or, for difficult or recurring cases, nail surgery under local anaesthesia is available to permanently correct the problem.
  • Warts can be treated chemically or with Radiosurgery.
  • Heels pain can be addressed using a combination of therapies (ice, exercises, taping, ultrasound and, if necessary, Orthotics).
  • Painful sites on the feet can be alleviated with padding, silicone shields, physical therapies and shoe inserts.
  • For problems which are biomechanical in origin Orthotics are available where appropriate.
  • Regular nail and foot care can be provided for patients whose feet are at risk. This includes regular monitoring of blood supply and the testing of sensory awareness in the feet.

A visit to our clinic will involve;

  • History Taking
  • Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • A treatment based on these.